Friday, 17 December 2010

Sad Story

I have just recieved several calls from people around Dale, reporting what appears to be a juvenile dolphin trying to live strand on Jubilee beach near the Gann estuary on the Northwestern side of the Milford Haven. I have contacted Rod Penrose the Welsh Marine Mammal Strandings Coordinator (See Links) and he in turn has alerted Terry Leadbetter of the Seal Rescue Centre based at Milford.

Sadly the prospects for this animal are not good as it appears to have lost its mother and most animals that live strand are in a bad way. It seems their fear of drowning overtakes their fear of getting stranded. Of course the first instinct of any would be rescuer is to help it back into the water but if it continues to strand let it. Try and keep it wet and protect it from stray dogs etc, untill help arrives.

Thanks to all those that phoned, we will update as further information becomes available...