Saturday, 18 December 2010

On a happier subject!

I have just noticed our visitor count for the Whales in Wales blog is 29,998! just two short of Thirty thousand visits! Thanks to Rich Crossen for getting this blog (and several others) going and putting our Welsh and Pembrokeshire wildlife in the spotlight!

Just a reminder that we will be continueing with our awareness raising over the Christmas Holidays (weather permitting) so come along and join in!

Ifanc y Môr....Fishguard Harbour Parrog Boxing Day...Sunday 26th... The Great White “Fishyguard” Whale Sand Sculpture!!! World Record Attempt !!!Come and help!!! Your Whales in Wales need YOU!!!Fight the flab! burn some blubber! Bring: adults, food and goodies! Boxing Day 10.30 till dark! bring buckets and spades Boxing DayWorld Record Attempt: come for an hour - come for the day!

Porpoise Watch... Also on New Years day, we will be holding our fifth annual New Years Day Porpoise watch at Strumble Head Lookout from 1430 pm to 15.30 pm (or whenever we get too cold!)
Bring binoculars and some new years optimism!
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Haha... just as I was writing this, we passed 30,000!