Saturday, 18 December 2010

The last word - ish

Last information recieved from Rod...
Hi Cliff,

I’ve just recovered the live-stranded/euthanased animal at Dale.

It was a male common dolphin 2.12 metres long, the teeth were quite worn with some missing so this is probably going to be an old animal. It was very emaciated with its body being concave on its rear flanks either side of the dorsal fin, I would suspect that it had re-mobilised its blubber and also started on its muscle by visual inspection, it will be interesting to see whether its old age or whether its a disease case, we will have wait to see what the pm examinations shows.

It was exhausted and coming to the point where it had to be supported in the water. It was a good job Terry Leadbetter (Welsh Marine Life Rescue) attended as he is experienced in assessing the condition of these animals and made the right call to put this animal out of any further suffering.
Many thanks to the RSPCA who were able to carry-out the euthanasia and to BDMLR who also attended in not very conducive conditions.

I shall forward a copy of the post-mortem examination report to all involved when it becomes available but this animal wont be going up to London for examination until later in the New Year.

Many thanks for reporting this stranding.



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