Friday, 24 December 2010

Malcolm the Ice (cool) man!

I have tried a couple of times to get to Strumble this week and finally made it yesterday but the visit was brief and I saw nothing . On the other hand...

HI Cliff
there has been a nice few porpoise in the sound the last few days, including a couple of young calves!
The amount of calves and juveniles I see here is interesting? (Very)
Today I got a couple of snaps of porps moving down the sound, I take a lot of pics so I can enlarge them and look see...
the attached picture sure looks like Split Fin.

Been challenging but great to be out at the sound, loads of snow, lots of birds knocking about, thrushes, plovers, lapwings,snipe, woodcock, finches,raptors,ducks, the 10 swans that arrived on the Gann flew over Ramsey Island and then me about 1.30 yesterday.
Saw 3 whoopers this morning over flying the dowrog on my way into St Davids.

See you Boxing Day

This is bloomin amaizing!!!!!!We had a porpoise called Polo that appeared to have been seen in the area of Fishguard/Mwnt over a three year period now whe have splitfin (I am sure it is the same animal) two years running in Ramsay sound. The experts have always said that there was no proof to say that animals were resident and as such under the terms of protection under the EU Habitats and Species Directive, Porpoises have not been included as part of the Marine SAC listings. As most Porpoise are pretty indistinguishable it was a hard one to prove. I think if we can say the only really identifiable animal we know has remained in the same waters then its fair to speculate that it is not a unique situation and they are
  1. to some degree resident
  2. to some degree dependant on the good conservation status of particular areas.
Well done! Malcolm Ernst and Aneik, and Alison , those hardy souls who have taken the trouble and care to learn about these fascinating little cetaceans in the Ramsey Sound through snow rain and sunshine!