Sunday, 26 December 2010

Too cool for me (but not for some others!)

In the words of the immortal John Lennon... "and so its Christmas... " but when you plan stuff Christmas never comes ... and then it does and you have planned a crazy event of a "World Record" attempt " To build a sand sculpture of a whale.
And loads of people are up for it. But this Christmas is a very white Christmas in terms of frost following snow.
And so at 10 o clock this morning I arrived at the Parrog at Fishguard Harbour/Goodwick.
And the sand above the high tide mark was solid!
I hung about for a while and several people turned up. I met some and explained the futility of the event and apologised, putting up a notice explaining the situation. Family duties took over until ...
At about 3 o clock I returned to remove the notice and found this rather wonderful sand sculpture!
I know a lot of our friends in the community were up for this event but I don't know who did it. It just goes to show our supporters are pretty amazing and were really on board with our vision!
WOW!!! that says something about the people who are supporting us!
Not sure who was responsible but I really think you are groovy!!!!!! blew my mind. I am thinking that if it was not a world record Sand sculpture of a whale it is probably the biggest sand sculpture of a porpoise!