Saturday, 1 January 2011

Wdig birder starts the new year with a bang!

Just had a call from Adrian Rogers and Rich Dobbins who were at Strumble this morning and had clocked the first sighting of the year!

Hi Cliff ,

Just got back from a short watch at Strumble , we had a large dark Risso's come through going West just beyond the tide race at approx 10 a.m.


Adrian is an outstanding birder and has plenty of experience of watching Risso's, both from the shore and from the ferry with us. Again the emphasis is on the size of the animal and that it was dark .
Today it was our fith annual "New Years Day Strumble Porpoise Watch".
I had intended to promote it after the sand sculpture event on Boxing Day but after that was scrubbed and the flu wiped me out for the past week I didnt really get around to seriously advertising it.
By 2.30 a handful of people had turned up and I thought the event had "bombed" but by 3 pm over 60 people had arrived! Icing on the cake was provided by the arrival of porpoises on the flooding tide which most people got a glimpse of at least.
2011 looks like it will be a challenging year for many of us but as the old syaing goes...So far so good!