Friday, 22 April 2011

More from up North!

Hi, Out on our boat yesterday and sighted a pod of about 12 dolphins . I have attached some photo’s as I can’t identify them. Hope this helps. Also some links to the same pod on video’s:Kind regardsIan Greenwood

Reply Sea Trust to Peninsula show details 9:24 AM (15 minutes ago)
Hi Ian , these are Bottlenose Dolphins, some of which seem to have interesting dorsal fins which I will send on to collegues who will try and see if they have a match for the fins in their Photo ID catalogue, where were you? I am slightly worried about the vicinity of the yellow boat pictured. Its best not to have two boats close to these animals at the same time or to chase them as it can cause them to panic and potentially damage themselves. Its worth a look at the Pembrokeshire Marine Code that we link to on the LHS of the "Whales in Wales" blog for advice on how to avoid potential problematic scenario's around cetaceans etc. I am sure you meant no harm but its best to know what to do around these animals so as not to harrass them which is against the law. Of course many boat owners are unaware of this, so its worth me mentioning it here.

We are based in Pembrokeshire and most of our work is in Pembrokeshire allthough we willl also be covering the major part of the UK Irish Sea and Bristol Channel coasts with our Brigg's Marine inshore Surveys. Whales in Whales is set up mainly so that we can let everyone know what is happening in Welsh Waters and therefore the need to protect our incredible marine Wildlife, so great when we get sightings like yours.

Cliff, Thanks for the info. We were off St.Tudwal’s Island West in Cardigan Bay, and between this and the mainland. The yellow boat and we were en route to Abersoch when they appeared in amongst us. We stopped to photograph and video them and then when they moved off we followed at a distance. Two more boats arrived and they also stayed away from the pod. The dolphins swam around and in between us so we all chose neutral on the engines. We informed another speedboat about the dolphins and asked him to slow down as he passed which he did.Most boats respect the code and enjoy watching the dolphins and porpoises we get in the area. RegardsIan

Thats good to hear, thanks Ian!

It looks like its going to be a great holiday weekend for messing about on boats so boat owners please, please, please - respect our marine wildlife, follow the Marine Codes. Don't chase animals, keep a reasonable distance between you and them. If they approach, steer a steady course and slow down. If the animals move off let them go and don't surround them.