Friday, 22 April 2011

Pembrokeshire Porps.

Wednesday 20th April
From about 7: 30pm until 8:20pm. My dad and I were spotting porpoises at Strumble Head we never saw any more than 2 or 3 at any one time , but there were many - maybe as many as 25/ 30.There was a strong flood tide coming in , and they were scattered over the whole race.It was a beautiful evening with calm seas ( except in the race)
Cheers Stevo

Nice one lads, as you know I was there earlier and had only seen a couple. Just goes to show you have to catch the tide at the rifght time! I had a day on Skomer yesterday andd also saw a couple of Porpoises off the Garland Stone. Some others were seen of the Mew Stone by other visiting WTSWW staff . It was a glorious day, thanks to Warden Chris, and his people. Totally recommend anyone who can, goes there. Acres of beautifully scented Bluebells Great Birds and the chance of seeing cetaceans - marvellous!