Friday, 20 May 2011

And yet more Bottlenose off Goodwick Breakwater!

Day 2 - as we rounded the breakwater at 0630hrs today we immediately picked up a pod of around 6 Bottlenose Dolphins....including a playful mother and calf, jumping clear simultaneously and then taking it in turns....We sat adrift for a few minutes and were thoroughly investigated. We then headed out for our days work where we observed a further three animals spread all the way to the Southerly headland. Took some pics, but as usual blurry /a bit poor. As we headed in at around 1030hrs there was still (4 animals observed) Bottlenose activity oustide the harbour, with the animals enthusiastically bowriding a sailing dinghy as it tacked....Again, a couple of distant /grainey pics. I rang Cliff when we picked up the second sighting (didn't think you would have appreciated a call at 0630 after Stena watch ;-)), who popped down with his camera (not sure how you got on Cliff?) and who took pity on me and lent me a video to get some footage.....Sadly all activity had ceased by the time we headed out again after lunch. The increasingly poor sea state (now a 6 off Strumble and building) meant we had to knock it on the head and return to port later.....Really exciting to see so much Bottlenose activity down 'South' (for me anyway).....Dan