Friday, 20 May 2011

Waddya know!

Sadly I missed them too Dan,  but they are the first bottles in this neck of the woods as far as I can tell  this year, from my observations and what the local fishermen tell me. Big tides, high winds, I sure would not fancy the Strumble tiderace in those conditions, going home and blogging was a wise choice!
Someone also with their eye on the ball is ....
Stevo Lucas Friday 20th May

records through the years as follows
2009, 183 Sea Trust blogs.

2010 , 252 Sea Trust blogs.

2011. 72 Sea Trust blogs

Total Sea Trust reported blogs so far is 507

PS 2011 summer still to come


I just looked up a couple of stats and last month we had 2,977 page views, and are fast approaching 40,000 over the past couple of years since Rich Crossen set up the blog for us!
On a sadder note there is a large pod of Pilot Whales in trouble off the coast of Scotland. Fiingers crossed but there is rarely a happy conclusion top these events.