Sunday, 22 May 2011

Theres some in Scotland too!

Hi Cliff
Just back from my annual pilgrimage to bonny Scotland. I usually call in on Chanonry Point to see the bottlenose dolphins and while I have seen them on a number of occasions over the years they have been just fins and backs. This year I hit it at the right time. There must have been 20 - 30 animals, possibly more and they were jumping, throwing fish etc etc. There were lots of people enjoying the spectacle, young, old, photographers with long lenses, and high heeled young ladies with cameras on their phones. The dolphins come so close to the shore there it was a fine sight. They performed for over an hour and unlike being in a charter boat we did not have to leave to avoid disturbance for they were 'intruding' into our space and were free to leave when they wished. A truly spectacular hour.
Tight lines,

Great stuff Steve , it must be getting on for 20 years ago I first "discovered" the wonders of dolphin watching from Channonry Point. I remember a local telling me "they only ate plankton" !