Sunday, 22 May 2011

Strumble observations

Hi Cliff I saw Dan Worth on the R.I.B. 'Razorbill' a couple of days ago in the tide race off Strumble Head and I thought the guy with him was doing something 'over the side' (I thought at the time he was fishing for mackerel!) now I know they were recording the tidal current, brave men indeed! I wouldn't like to end up in the drink there for sure! Dan must have been conscious of me peering at him through a scope! Its been an awful job spotting porpoise in the rough conditions the last few days and the gannets weren't much help but I guess I haven't seen more than 4 porpoise at any one time. I left for home today and a glance to seaward from 'Trefisheg' revealed a lot of 'white caps' and I wouldn't have wanted to be out in that on anything less than a big ferry! I'm excited about your new cetacean recording system (for reasons you are aware of!) If it's successful I'm sure it has the potential to revolutionise the way data is collected on cetacean surveys by other organisations who adopt the system you have developed. Best of luck with it.

I'm down your way again week after next on the 'Wildlife Observer Wales' 'Seabirds' course at the Pembrokeshire college and I'm really excited about it.