Thursday, 19 May 2011

Strumble /Goodwick Cetaceans

An interesting day working out of Goodwick, mapping tidal flows around Strumble head /Bank and re-assure WinW blog followers, the company involved have been liasing with Sea Trust from the outset.....

We have been measuring tidal flow at three sites on an hourly basis from 0700hrs to 1600hrs with Bathymetric work in between. Strumble didn't dissapoint in terms of complex tidal flows, even more dramatic when when sat in amongst it! The Cetaceans were out in force too.....sightings are as follows:

1110hrs - lone Porpoise immediately off lighthouse

1148hrs - 3 porpoise to South of island

1205hrs - lone porpoise midway between above two

1550hrs - pod of 6 Bottlenose Dolphins, well dispersed, outside Goodwick breakwater (called you Cliff, but you are on Stena watch....hope you had a good day too).....

Have uploaded the best of the pics from today, but as usual its my compact digital at its worst. Back out again at 0500hrs tomorrow....bed now!! Dan, Razorbill RIBs