Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Busy boy!

Dan Worth

17 May 22:19

Just back from an evening charter with friends of 'Razorbill' Stephen Elves and his parents Bob & Helene Elves from Tumbridge Wells. Stephen chartered Razorbill for a two hour wildlife watching trip as a gift for his parents last year.....

What a fab trip....despite a bit of a chop we had plenty of seabirds, seals and Dolphins! A very acrobatic /breaching Bottlenose about a mile off Aberporth headland (no pics). Then a lone adult (pic) later joined by mother and calf stemming the strong flood tide and occasionally showing feeding behaviour. Thanks for your company guys, was a fun evening....off to bed now as we are heading off to St.Davids at 0300hrs!!
and ....

Bumped into Rod Penrose (Group member and Strandings officer for Wales) after Lifeboat Training. Rod invited me up to see a recent and rare stranding he had picked up from Aberaeron. It's a young female Bottlenose of around 2.5 metres (they... get up to over 4m) who had reportedly been seen jumping near the mouth of the Harbour shortly before being stranded. Because of the rarety of finding a Bottlenose and in such good condition, Rod is taking it straight up to London Zoo for a Post Mortem tomorrow (along with the three Porpoise around it in the trailer....all from the Freezer not stranded at the same time). Rod commented that the tooth scratches on the tail section seemed more excessive than usual......Will be interesting to see what the PM reveals. Many thanks Rod, it was fascinating to be able to get so close to one and have a really good look!