Monday, 16 May 2011

Strumble Head

I was at Strumble head yesterday evening and because of the choppy sea conditions I had a job to spot porpoise but I had at least one in the calmer eddies beyond the turbulent tide race but the 'awesome' movement of Manx shearwaters making their way south back to their colonies on Skomer & Skokholm (maybe Ramsey too!) made up for it. There must have been thousands of them passing through not to mention the auks, gannets, kittiwake, fulmar, shag etc; What a place this is and sitting there thinking of all the marine animals that have been seen there in recent years by various people made me realise how special Strumble really is viz- orca, minke whale, humpback whale, Risso's, common and bottlenose dolphin, harbour porpoise, basking shark (and other sharks), sunfish, leatherback turtle, rare seabirds. Wow where am I in the World? Well although widely travelled I am truly in one of my most favorite places in the World.