Friday, 17 June 2011

Michaels Strumble porp pic's

These pic's taken by Michael on Wednesday show two things. Firstly that Porpoises breed at Strumble , also the patterns of the complex strong tidal races that are the main feature of Strumble.   Of course these facts are well known to those of us who have spent time observing the fantastic wildlife that these high energy  tidal features attract to Strumble. We have observed and recorded Porpoises with calves throughout the seasons and it is probably one of the most prolific year round porpoise habitats in Europe, perhaps the world. The first image shows a very young calf and mother pair, the calf probably less than a week old.
The fierce  tidal currents and recent scramble for alternative energy has brought new and unforseen potential threats to our porpoise populations. The maelstrom of currents which feed and protect these little whales are now being eagerly assessed by tidal power companies. Its our task to try and make sure we know what we've got before its gone and let everyone else know as well, thanks Michael!