Monday, 20 June 2011

Ramsay Sound Porpoises

An invite from Greg and Lisa to help set up some cetacean monitoring on Ramsay was a good opportunity to show off our new mobile recording system, so Verena and myself popped over with Alison Ross to have a look at Ramsay Sound from a different perspective and demonstrate the system.
We boarded the Thousand Islands "Gower Ranger" and made our way over the Sound to Ramsay where we met Greg, Lisa and seasonal warden Nia. After a cup of tea and a chat, we were soon seated overlooking the sound and found a group of half a dozen feeding Gannets betraying the presence of at least the same number of Porpoises. We couldnt have timed it better. Verena fired up the tablet and we were soon entering the sightings onto the GIS mapping system. I think its fair to say everyone was pretty impressed. Thankfully we got back to the farm house before the rain started properly. Steve Rosser another Sea Trust stalwart was also there volunteering with his wife Marion so more tea! it really is a great place to visit or volunteer on.
The rain set in as we motored back on the Gower Ranger with the other day visitors but no one seemed to mind getting a bit wet, well worth it! Even better we will be putting together regular cetacean monitoring from Ramsay again. Thanks again Lisa, Greg, and Thousand Islands.