Monday, 25 July 2011

Aperporth bottles and chips!

 Hi Cliff
We were at Aberporth yesterday and as we settled down to eat our chips from the benches overlooking the bay at about 7.15pm, right on cue 3 Bottles made their way from northwards across the bay towards Tresaith. They were quite close in just by the big yellow 8 knot buoys, one large adult showing very well. About half an hour later another solitary bottle passed the same way but much further out. Great finish to a good day out!
All the best.
Phil Lees

 I love watching bottles and eating chips! I did it for the first time at Channonry Point looking over the Moray Firth about twenty years ago the chippie in Rossmarkie was pretty good!
Also sightings of 20+ porposes seen around Ramsey sound from Alison Ross on Sunday including two mothers and calves.AT Strumble a dozen or show were showing on the dropping tide at about 6pm.