Sunday, 24 July 2011

Razorbill sweep up

We are heading off to the Humber for 8 days Bathymetric survey in the early hours, so wanted to quickly blog up some sightings for the past week.....

Weds 2oth - pair of Bottlenose just off the causeway between Barmouth & Aberdyfi.....we were making passage and had a tight water sampling schedule with tides so were unable to observe for long.

Thurs 21st - pod of 6 Bottlenose a couple of miles off Aberaeron. A further pod (5 counted) with calf off Newquay. Lone porpoise off Newport (midway between Ceibwr & Headland).

Sunday 24th - pod of 8 Bottlenose approximately a mile North of Cardigan Island. One animal was breaching and jumping clear vigorously.

Look forward to catching up with the Blog when we return!