Monday, 11 July 2011

Fantastic ferry surveys really producing the goods!

Hi Cliff,
Common Dolphin
After the fantastic trips on the Stena Europe last weekend, we decided to go out on the Irish Sea again. The Weather was calm and overcast, with a generally good visibility. Heading past Strumble Head we saw 8 Harbour Porpoise within 40 minutes. Followed by the first pod of 15 Common Dolphins which were quite far out. Later on we saw two separate pods both a lot closer to the Ferry and two Common dolphins coming right up to the ship. Half way towards Ireland we spotted the first Minke Whale quite close to the boat. In the following 30 minutes we saw two more Minke Whales all of them fairly close. The score of marine megafauna different species was rounded up by a pod of 7 distant Risso's dolphins and 53 Jellyfish counted by Rhianna.

After enjoying a meal in the pub and having a walk on the beach we were up for another survey in the evening. Going past Tuskar Rock we saw 3 more porpoises. Just as we were packing up and about to leave we saw a big animal leaping out of the water creating a giant splash right in front of the boat. We rushed over to the other bridge wing but unfortunately we couldn't find it again.

Many thanks to Stena Line and crew of the Stena Euorope for their warm hospitality and enthusiasm for our survey. Looking forward to the trip back tomorrow. Pictures by Sarah Allen attached.

Cheers! Rhianna, Sarah and Verena

Minke Whale.