Monday, 11 July 2011

Sounds Good!

From Malcom Barradel:; Hi Cliff, I did an overnighter in Ramsey Sound, I watched porpoise until dark at 10.30 The sound was full of porpoise. I reckon there were at least 25 and maybe as many as 40. I saw at least 3 (possibly 5) small calfs, and two other older calfs.
There was lots of foraging activity and gannet action too. But the best was the hour before and then half an hour after slack water (by which time it had got dark), there were porpoise North and South of the bitches in the clam waters of the still evening the porpoise blows were really audible, sometimes it was hard to know where to look first.
At dawn this morning (well 6ish) I went to the South of the Sound I was a lottle dissapointed that there were not so many porpoise, but there was again a nice movement of porpoise up through the sound at slack water when once again I can confirm at least three small ca
Nature tour boats with customers were out early and it was nice to see them slowing down and showing their clients porpoise in the sound .