Sunday, 11 September 2011

From Mark Hambley...

Hi Cliff,
Just wanted to write to say “thank you” for the Dolphinothon last week.
We all enjoyed it. Your patience in getting the girls familiar with the telescopes was appreciated and the sense of patient watching which started to be instilled during the trip certainly paid off at Mwnt on Friday where, after an afternoon on the beach, we spent some time at the top of the cliffs shortly after 5pm watching two or three bottlenose dolphins backwards and forwards across the mouth of the bay. Also a seal. They wanted to wait around to see if anything else showed up.
Seeing the pictures on the blog highlighted another reason why I really should get round to buying a digital SLR!
Hope that we can join you again in the future and will certainly keep an eye on blog from time to time over the coming months.

Best wishes and keep up the good work.

Mark Hambly
Always rewarding and fun to get youngsters started Mark,  I think Jess got on well with the girls as well and was certainly on the ball, allthingsgood, cliff