Thursday, 8 September 2011

Porpoises popping up all over!

Hi Cliff,

The rough weather has quietened things down in the Sound,

however happy to find today that there are still plenty of porpoise about.

Lots of walkers today, many enjoying porpoise doing their thing between the copper mines and the bitches.

A little added bonus today was a Sunfish headed down the Sound, plenty of seals and pups around too,

and Gnnets and young Auks and and.. what a place, the light there today was amazing at times, and the backdrop of Ramsey Island now in its purple heather phase and a good sea running too,

love it..


Nice one Malcolm, apparently the Strumble porpoises are there in big numbers 100+ allthingsgood, walrus.

Malcolm also sentr these photo's. The top one looks like a female with a well grown calf to me going on general colouring head and fin shape....