Monday, 5 September 2011

Dolphin-Othon completed Sept 3rd (still recovering!)

The last day of the Dolphin-Othon started looking disasterous with winds andd rain forecasted. We gave the team (Crazy Gang) the option of cancelling but they were all up for it so we (Jess Barbara and the Walrus) decided to give it a go!

It started with a bang when just as the team (Shirley Matthews, Richard Campbell, Sean Mc Carthy, Angela Latimer Davies, Peter and Alison Lock ) got on the bridge, (late having been delayed by rain), seven Common Dolphins appeared just in front of the ferry in amongst a flurry of Gannets.

Then, just a little while later, Sean spied some Risso’s very close on the starboard side. So despite wind, rain and cold this bunch of full-on enthuisiasts got some of the best views of the week.

The rest of the crossing lacked in many more cetacean sightings, just a couple of Porpoises to end with off the Tusker. Very enthusiastic attention was paid to the vast numbers of birds in the Irish side. Skuas, Terns and Manxies were all ticked off the checklist.

After another delicious meal at the Harbour View Hotel (thanks guys) and a few Guiness’ later we embarked the ferry once again and had a very interesting journey whereby an excellent quantity of Guiness’ and glasses of wine were consumed to celebrate an excellent few days of high grade Cctacean watching!

Overall an extremely successful Dolphinothon with a total 296 cetacean sightings in just 18hours of effort – 63 porpoises, 158 Commons, 64 Risso’s, 3 bottlenoses and a few other unidentified cetacean sightings.

Thank you to all those that joined in the fun Dolphinators and Sea Trust Monitors and we look forward to
next year! Thanks especially to Stena Line Fishguard and Rosslare, Senior Master Callum Clare and all the officers, crew and shore staff who gave us their support and patience!Jess and the Walrus