Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Wow cetacean course August 23rd-25th

Whilst volunteering at Seatrust I was lucky enough to go on a cetacean wildlife Observer Wales course which proved extremely useful in the recent Dolphinothon! It was very interactive, hands on and friendly and the main emphasis was on correct identification of cetaceans, but also the importance of the survey’s themselves and some background, very interesting biology aspects of cetaceans. Did you know there are 6 functions of blubber?!
As well as the classroom side of it, on each of the three days we did some practical surveying at Strumble head, Ramsey sound and then on a 2 hour boat trip from New Quay. Both porpoises and bottlenose dolphins were sighted (Identified using our newly acquired ID skills!) and recorded. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in the welfare of cetaceans, wanting to expand their knowledge and have more confidence in identifying cetaceans. The picture below is the team at New Quay having just got off the boat and finished the course!
Text and Picture: Jessica Creak