Thursday, 15 December 2011

Fishguard Harbour Porp's

A late afternoon visit to the outer breakwater in fading light was rewarded with a mother and smallish  calf  close in to the seaward end of ther breakwater.They indulged in the behaviour I have noted on several occasions where the mother leaves the calf near a bouy and then goes off to feed in the area occasionally returning to the calf to reassure it/check up on it. It usually ends quite suddenly with mother and calf heading out to sea again. There was another individual about, keeping a distance but seemingly in attendance . Its really hard getting a good view of all this when they are popping up in different places and extremely haphazardly, but I think the odd one was a large subadult  rather than an adult. The fins of adults seem slightly more pronounced or kinked on the trailing edge, as against juveniles whose fins are more uniformly triangular. As usual when animals are close up, my camera was out of battery ...Rats!