Thursday, 8 December 2011

Not a happy ending but not really suicidal!

Pic by Rachel Emmerton
Apparently a few of the dogwalkers on the central breakwater out braving the storm saw me in the briny and thought it was a suicide attempt! Believe me theres got to be better ways!

It all started with a call from Amanda from a local vets practice who told me there was some bloke in the sea at Goodwick with a dolphin or porpoise. I told her I would be there ASAP, rang Rod Penrose (Strandings) and asked him to ring Terry Ledbetter (Marine Mamal Rescue). I was in the cold sea nursing a baby porpoise a couple of years ago, and it aint funny so I thought whoever was doing it now would probably be looking forward to a bit of help. Then I realised my partner was out in my car, so when in trouble call the Lucas's.

Delyth Lucas arrived at speed and we were soon on the beach where we found "H" (Aeron Harries) up to his waist in the  briny with a sick adult common dolphin. He looked pretty pleased to see me as I waded in to give him a break! I have a bit more blubber than "H" and did not really feel the cold but it was obviously going to be a while before Terry arrived from Milford. The tide was dropping and the bottom was stony  so I had to move the exhausted dolphin further out to keep it afloat . I could feel its heart pounding and did my best to reassure it. If I let go it flipped over and could not breath so I had to hold it upright.
Some time later Terry arrived with some volunteers in dry suits who took over until the vet could get there. Unfortunately the poor creature was past saving and had to be euthanized.

Well done "H",    we couldn't save it, but at least its last hours were spent afloat and supported with some caring folk rather than thrashing around on the beach. Next time we meet up I hope its in a nice warm pub! Hopefully Rod will get it post mortemed and we will maybe find out what was wrong with it.

Also thanks to Rachel Emerton for standing by in the wind and rain, keeping an eye on us as well as  taking pic's!