Monday, 26 March 2012

Cliff's latest 'Stena' survey

Hi Cliff- I was interested to read about your 23rd/24th survey on the ferry. I crossed over on the 22nd to attend the European Cetacean Society conference in Galway and I spent some time on deck all on my to todd! It was pretty calm and yet I only 'positively' saw one porpoise! That was on the Irish side. I really thought I was losing my touch but following your comments maybe its just that they were not around in any numbers. Anyway bird-wise there were a few more 'manxies' about than I saw on the survey with Steve a few days previous to that day.
Anyway staying on the 'birding' side of things on a drive to the 'Cliffs of Moher' in Co Clare on the 24th I spotted an 'Alpine Swift' - Now how do you think the local Irish would have reacted if they had seen this odd guy standing on the roadside punching the air and shouting the word 'YES'! (Hopefully no-one saw me!). Keep your eyes open for this fabulous species people. Its the right time of year for them.