Sunday, 25 March 2012

Hi Cliff

Spent an hour at Pen Pedol at low water yesterday, and just one solitary porp seen briefly swimming from east to west twixt Shoe Rock and Ynys Eilun. No gannets seen either, but saw a couple of seals and cormorants out there. On the way back at the Copper Mines I was rewarded with a superb view of a solitary porp swimming vigously down the Sound in an alongated zig zag. It surfaced very close to the shore right by me - great to see the power and athletism of these wonderful creatures at close quarters.

Pob hwyl.

Phil Lees
Nicely put Phil, they really can be quite fascinating, if you get (an all too unusual)  good view . Talking to Roger Strawbridge who works on the Megan M the  Aberporth range boat, lots of Bottlenose activity off Aberporth recently