Thursday, 15 March 2012

From Dave and Sarah...

At about 10.15am Sarah noticed some ripples in Pwllgwaelod bay and then saw some dolphins we walked along the cliffs to get a better view and then saw three groups one of about 6, one of about 3 and the other with 4. While we were watching these to the left more ripples 2 more and then another group of about 4. Then further out to sea another couple of groups two groups of about 3 or 4 Bottlenose dolphins. We watched them for about 15 minutes, as we walked back up the field from the cliffs at about 10.30 the pod of about 20-25 seemed to be slowly moving north around Dinas Head.



It is so rare to see bottles off Strumble especially in numbers. I was once alerted by Lyndon Lomax that a similar sized group had passed Carfai Bay and gone through Ramsay Sound. I estimated that if they were still travelling at about 20 mph they should turn up off Strumble anout an hour later... they did! Onother tim Stevo and I had a cold evenless trip across from Rosslare and then Neil Couzins spotted a similar sized pod off Strumble. All these happened late winter, and it seems likely they were returning after a winter break!