Thursday, 15 March 2012

Cardigan Bay Bottles return?

A gloomy misty morning had me thinking that the first wheaters might turn up at Strumble, Something definately did but they were not birds. My fishermen friends Tich and Gethin Rees were passing by in their boat Avalon heading around The lighthouse when I noticed a big swirl and a fin at least a mile out. I soon sas w several more heading North. I watched at least a dozen go by and then jumped in the cr and headed for fishguard Harbour , They arrived within a couple of minutes of me getting on the outer breakwater. It was difficult to count them as they were well spread out in fours or fives with others inbetween. Sadly an incoming scalloper seemed to push most of them out and away but three came into the harbour mouth briefly . Sadly I ghad to go but a few minutes ago I got a call from Dave Edwards and Sarah Earl, who were watching at least twenty frm Pwlgweilod.... more later!