Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Porps all over the Irish Sea

Steve Rosser led the latest Sea Trust -Stena Irish Sea Survey, which set of yesterday afternoon and arrived back at lunchtime today, prodcing  a phenomenal 24 sightings over just over 6 hours of survey effort averaging around three sightings per hour or one every 20 minutes. Apart from an unidentified but distant probable whale sp., all were of Porpoise 42 individuals in total including two definately identified calves.

Porpoise: Steve Rosser.
Local expert Elfyn Pugh and rookie Peter Evans joined Steve in the porp fest which (unusually) continued right across the St Georges Channel. Although the conditions were pretty good and favoured Porpoise sightings they were by no means exceptional. This phenomenon of  regular porp sightingsright across, has only happened on half a dozen occasions over the past eight years but may well point to a migration or at least a localised movement of some sort. From the sightings of porpoises all around Wales this month it seems they are thriving in our waters.

Next month we will be entering our ninth year of continual monthly surveys. No doubt the surprises will continue to mount up!  Well done lads!