Thursday, 5 April 2012

Dead Porpose - Ramsey Sound

Lisa spotted a dead porpoise floating off Aber Myharan (Ramsey SE coast) at lunchtime today. Ffion Rees from Voyages of Discovery very kindly offered to bring it on board her boat as she passed. A call was put out to Rod Penrose and he sped down to St Justinians to collect it (a sub adult I am told). Thanks to everyone for such a speedy response and for being able to recover this animal which will hopefully prove of use to Rod as it appeared in 'good condition'. Special thanks to Ffion and her team for all their efforts on the boat and on shore in choppy conditions.

Will be interesting to hear what happened to it. No obvious marks on it from what I've heard. It was incredibly rough out here yesterday (80mph gusts at times) so maybe it is a storm casualty?