Friday, 6 April 2012

Hi Cliff,

attached are two pics of porpoise seen last week and this in Ramsey Sound,

the one with the clear notch is the one I believe spotted by Ben and Andrea in February and is one that I have seen several times before and photgraphed in November 2011,but I have pictures from 2008 (when it looks like the animal was still a juvenile) and 2009 which I think are also a close match,

What do you think??

If you open them in picture manager then mimimize you can get them all on the screen together,

I am a bit excited about it,



Yep Malcolm, I am excited too, because even though we may not be able to prove beyond doubt that these are the same animals, when we add these (which I think are the same animals) to the animal that was photographed by Ernst and Anneke back in 2010 and then several times subsequently, which  were much more identifiable by virtue of the more complex and easily compared damage to the fin, it makes the case of residency much more difficult to argue against. This means that Harbour Porpoise as a species could and should be added to the list of EU H&S directive species criteria for the Pembrokeshire Marine SAC. We need to talk to Sue Burton the Marine SAC officer and CCW to try and make this case, allthingsgood and well done mate!