Monday, 16 April 2012

Dolphins at New Quay!

Hi Cliff,

Last week André and I haven't been out spotting much, the weather was not that great and...we started working on our internship-report!! So that's what has been keeping us busy the last days. Yesterday though we went to Pt. St. John and we spotted around six Porpoise heading down the sound, there were lots of big waves and a strong current..looked real nice, but no pictures of it though.
Today we went to New Quay to see some Bottlenose Dolphins, and it worked out! immediately at the parking lot (the crowded busy one) we could see dolphins surfacing and jumping up, we arrived there at 1pm and saw them the following 3 hours. After this we went to Strumble head and saw about 3 porpoise near the lighthouse-rock. Shortly said it was a very nice day!


Ps: Great pictures Karen, we tried our best with our unprofesional cameras and this is the result..The pictures are made today from New Quay harbour!