Thursday, 19 April 2012

There they were ...gone!

Thursday 19th April
5 of us, Chris and I, Cliff and my Dad and Cristina all went to Strumble Head.
( Christina's very first time there).
We all saw about 50 Harbour Porpoises in the flooding tide race.
The time of the sighting was between 2:45pm to 3:30pm  and
The gannets were feeding  abov3e where the porpoises were .
The sea condition was quite choppy with white horses and it was.
a north north westerly wind. force 5
It certainly was choppy Steve with a gale blowing onshore roughing things up. Its amazing just how well we saw the porp's in the surf although the views were fleeting. On occasions there wer five or six surfacing together whilst other s could be seen over a wide area. It was also interesting that they passed by heading east quite quickly . One minute they were in front of us, spread ouit over a mile or so of sea and within twenty minutes they had gone past Mackerel Rock and out of sight. If we had arrived half an hour later we probably would have struggled to see any!