Saturday, 21 April 2012

Stena Europe got lost? news from an old shipmate!

Jonathan Birdsall one of the Stena Europe's Masters, sent me this photo of a whale. It is of course a Blue Whale... (Rich crossen was watching them in the Sea of Cortez for the past two weeks! and he confirms this ) They have been seen off the West Coast of Ireland  but as yet have not been recorded in the Irish Sea. I then remembered Jonathan had recently moved and was now working in New Zealand! As he says  this whale was photographed in the Cook Strait!
Never mind, one day...

Hi Cliff,
You'd love travelling on this ferry. We regularly see pods of dolphins numbering 50 + and reckon that we had one the other day of 200 or more.
This whale was spotted this afternoon in the Cook Straight and wonder if you can identify it. We think that possibly a humpback?

You'll have to make this a holiday destination as it's incredible.

Best regards, Jonathan