Sunday, 1 April 2012

Newquay Bottles distant but dazzling!

I met up with  Ben and Andre, (two Dutch "Van Halle" students working with Malcolm  Barradel ) this morning. after spotting porpoise off the Fishguard Harbour outer breakwater. They mentioned they had never before seen willd Bottlenose Dolphins. The Sea was flat, the weather fine and so I took them up to Newquay on the off chance the bottles would be performing . I Luckily we managed to find a space in the car Park and as I got out of the car and scanned the sea I noticed a disturbed area of water and sure enough a couple of bottles surfaced, Zokko - a result!
They were pretty distant, a pod of around 8-10 animals and moved further out as we took position amongst the holiday makers on the harbour wall. The bottles  may have been distant but their size still impressed my young Dutch friends and they also put on a dazzling  show, breaching and splashing, racing hither and thither. At least one other animal was hanging around the point by the fish factory, giving closer views  but frustratingly, playing hide and seek without coming any closer. I did not manage any decent photo's but these one's I took last year give an idea of what we were looking at as the distant pod interacted, rushing back and forth, but again keeping their distance.