Monday, 2 April 2012

Newquay Bottles Dazzle Again!

After Cliff's great views of the Bottlenose Dolphins at Newquay yesterday the opportunity to meet up with Cliff for another visit was too good to miss. Our timing was perfect - as we arrived at the car park we could see people pointing at Dolphins pretty close into the Harbour. We dumped the car and headed to the point by the fish processing plant and just got the camera set up as a couple of Dolphins gave a fine display at a decent range.
We then headed for the harbour wall and over an hour or so had more great views. The Bottlenoses were a little further out but there was much interaction between individuals and groups with, it would seem, plenty of courtship with associated leaping, rolling and tail slapping, going on. It was difficult to tell how many animals were involved but perhaps 15 to 20 would be a decent estimate.
After a coffee and bacon sandwich to catch our breath we went back to the point where more displays were enjoyed. Over 3 hours or so we had enjoyed an amazing wildlife spectacle and right on our doorstep to boot!
Click on the Dolphin to connect to a gallery of photos from today. Richard Crossen