Monday, 2 April 2012

Porps in the Ramsey Sound

Hi Cliff!

Today André and I have been spotting with Malcolm at Point St. John. The weather was nothing like the day before...we even experienced some light showers! But nevertheless it was a good day for spotting porpoise.
We arrived at 11:00 and saw a group of 5 porps at the southern end of the Sound moving north. At the same time we also saw a group of approximately 3 individiuals right off St. David's head. So it was quite busy on both sides at a time where we didn't expect them in the north.

As the hours went by the southern group moved towards St. David's head and the group which was already there moved out of sight, maybe to Penllechwen?
So today was quite a nice and interesting day, even though the sun didn't shine like yesterday.
Also, Cliff, thanks for the great time we had with you yesterday. Spotting the Dolphins at Newquay was marvelous (they really are big animals!) and it was great to meet you! And if we have some spare time in the future we hope we can go spotting with you again.

Cheers for now,