Monday, 2 July 2012


More Bottlenose Dolphins at Fishguard today! We had a brief look around the Fishguard Harbour Outer Breakwater this morning but saw nothing except a fisherman potting off the end.

Later on in the afternoon we paid a second visit and Cristina spotted a bottlenose off the Cow and Calf Rocks, It was pretty unexpected as I think the weather was undermining my generally optomistic nature! One became two but I had an appoantment to keep so left Cristina on a watching brief. I got back soon after with Tony and Stevo. who had been watching bottles in Newquay! We saw at least eight individuals including what seemed to be the same mother and calf of last week

We had to leave them but about half an hour later we were up above the harbour at the Harbour Village viewpoint hoping to get a wider , perhaps more informative view. We searched hard but the bottles had gone . to our suprise three or four porpoises were feeding under gannets off Point Anglas, where we had last seen the bottles heading just over half an hour previously. They were definately porps but its difficult to believe they were there so soon after the bottles!