Tuesday, 3 July 2012

New Quay Bottlenoses

From Winnie Courtene-Jones - Excellent sightings so far this year in New Quay- with much dolphin activity, typically staying in New Quay Bay, over the reef or between there and Ynys Lochtyn all day every day.
One Kayaker was treated to an amazing show last week with a dolphin repeatedly breaching right next to, and over his little kayak!!
Also, the first few newborns are being seen.

I've always believed that New Quay is the best place (in the world) to see Bottlenose dolphins and it's already exceeded expectations this year with some incredible encounters (much full body breaching, flips, and other acrobatic behaviour) A treat and delight to see!, long may it continue.

(Pic from New Quay in April this year.)