Saturday, 7 July 2012

WOW Cetaceans course July 3rd-5th

Thursday saw us complete the course with the afternoon spent watching and recording Bottlenose Dolphins including this (distant) mother and calf from the harbour wall and Steve Hartleys boat "Sulaire". The group did glimpse Libmans porpoises from the boat but were not sure as to thier ID. Just goes to show you can often see more from a good vantage point on the shore than from a boat.

It was interesting that both in Ramsay Sound and Newquay all the operators seemed to be following their Marine Codes although a couple of private vessels at Newquay seemed unaware of or ignored the code, getting close to and following the animals.
It may just be an impression but it really does seem to be getting pretty busy there with more trip boats every year along with kyaks, fishing boats and other private vessels. Its interesting to speculate as to how an increase in traffic might impact on the Dolphins at Newquay. Will the Dolphins continue to tolerate the boats or be forced to move away.

From the comments our group made at the end, everyone really enjoyed the course and loved the fact we had seen and recorded cetaceans on all three days at different locations, despite the tricky weather conditions.

Obviously there can be no gaurantees with wild animals but it really seems that few places offer a better chance of connnecting with cetaceans given some local knowledger and some half decent weather!
Thanks to the students for making it such a rewarding experience for Powell and myself!