Sunday, 8 July 2012

Late news from Stevo...

Monday 2nd July

Dad and I with our friends Lawton and John Williams went on a boat trip from.

New Quay at 11:30am.

We saw 8-10 Bottlenose Dolphins actually in the bay at. New Quay and then further out near.

Ynys- Lochtyn we spotted some more. 4 Bottlenose Dolphins coming out to play in front of the boat.

The time was 12:30pm.

There was a mother and calf swimming together.

Then again when we departed from the headland. Ynys- Lochtyn and we were on our way back to.

New Quay at 1:20pm we saw more bottlenose dolphins in the harbour mouth.

Then we had lunch in the cafe and whilst we were eating surprise we saw more bottlenose dolphins feeding with the gannets.

It was quite an eventful afternoon.

The dolphins were splashing and enjoying themselves feeding and breaching.

There had been a load of sightings the previous day, Sunday.

We had a brilliant time and some awesome sightings.

It was a wonderful day.