Saturday, 11 August 2012

Amroth Porps + Ians Porp's and Sunfish

From John Ramm - A pair of porposies were visible from the promenade across from the 'Amroth Arms' pub. They stayed for about 15 minutes.

A late report (my fault sorry Ian), of four Porpoises seen by Ian and son Robert whilst fishing off the rocks near the Copper Mine in Ramsay Sound on Thursday Evening. Apparently two were feeding under Gannets whilst the others were some ways apart.
Just goes to show , wetting your throat or wetting a line, porpoises can pop up anywhere on the Pembrokeshire Coast!
Having just spoken to Ian, he and his wife Sylvia also had a porpoise mother and calf from his boat on Friday Morning a couple of miles north of Fishguard Harbour. A couple of small sunfish also turned up.

For those wanting to see Sunfish its a good time as they arrive here in numbers in August into September. Their presence is usually given away by a long flipper like Dorsal fin flapping above the surface. This often attracts gulls coming to feed on parasites on its body. The fish is really quite an oddity disc shaped with a flipper like dorsal and anal fins top and bottom which are its main means of propulsion. The tail is a vestigal frill at the rear which is hardly noticable unless you get a good look. The body and head are pretty much incorporated into the afore mentioned disc darker above silvery below. This can be seen well when they lie flat on the surface along with the prominent eye mouth and pectoral fin.
Strumble is a good place to see them but you will need binoculars and a lot of patience!the video below is of a small one seen from the Celtic Wildcat last week...