Monday, 13 August 2012

Stevo and Chris at Mwnt

Thursday 9th August
Chris and I went to Mwnt at 1pm at about half and hour later a sighting of a single Bottlenose Dolphin milling about in the area for 15 minutes
and then it was still there at 13:45pm.
A mother and calf pair was sighted at 14:15pm for another 15 minutes.
They were traveling very slowly heading eastwards that was at 14:30pm.
We still saw them at that time heading out of view as we departed from the headland at Mwnt

P:S well done Christina and Sea Trust gang for seeing so many interesting stuff in the St George's Channel from the Stena Survey
I think we are getting a lot of mackerel shoals out there with so many Cetaceans in their peak period