Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Porpoise and Sharks!

Over the past couple of days the porpoises have been putting up a great display at Strumble under a cloud of around 100 gannets! Anyone wanting to see them well will need binoculars although Adrian Roger tells me they were really close in yesterday.

Whilst we were out with Nick on the Celtic Wildcat last week he told us of a breaching Thresher Shark which he unfortunately failed to get a pic' of. Nick also regularly fishes for sharks, and anglers had caught both Blue and Porbeagle during the day (which are caught, tagged and released alive).

A couple of days later , Cardigan Bay Marine Wildlife Group based In Newquay (Ceradigion) had an all day trip out into Cardigan Bay and along with both Common and Bottlenose dolphins they saw another or perhaps the same Thresher Shark. This time Sarah Bebb was quick on the draw! Thanks for the link Michael
Thought u might like to see this.


Michael Rich