Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Catch up

Mother and calf Bottlenoses cb.

The appaling summer of 2012 continues but we are still getting some sightings. Sunfish are annual visitors late summer/Autumn and despite a choppy sea Maria and Jon Scones spotted one and a porpoise off the outer breakwater at Fishguard Harbour last Friday. Katherine Davis and the rest of the Jemmima Rowing club spotted several Bottles off Fishguard Harbour entrance on Saturday morning includiung a mother and calf probably the samer pod as we have encountered there in recent months.

Richard Stonier continues to spot stuff during his epic ten or twelve hour seawatches at Strumble and along with Adrian Rodgers, report that large numbers of porpoises continue to show well at Strumble. Occasionally they come in close but you really need to use binoculars to get a decent view. Its worth having a look at the previous video clips to show what you are looking for if not experienced at porp spotting!