Saturday, 25 August 2012

Porp stuff

below: porpoise mother and calf off Srtrumble cb.

The lousy weather continues and Mondays " Celtic Wildcat" trip is cancelled.

On Thursday Cristina and the Walrus trekked over to Point Anglas south of Fishguard Harbour and I filmed this mother and calf porpoises from the cliff top. (see video...)

We also found a young seal and its mother at Strumble in fact there were two mothers and calves both calves only a day or two old. The male beachmaster which is a huge pinkish grey animal has ruled the roost there for many years and was in attendance as well. This year the pups are quite early sometimes they dont really get started until September at Strumble. Incredible to thinhk that in a couple of weeeks these pups will have moulted out of their white coats be abandoned by their mothers and start their new lives independantly. Porpoises have been showing nicely over the last few days at strumble but you will need binoculars to see them.

From Richard Stonier at Strumble yesterday"Common Porpoise - showing exceptionally well for most of day. Estimate at least 100 animals.