Monday, 10 September 2012

Prince Madog

I visited  the south Pembrokeshire coast this morning and there off St Govan's Head was the Prince Madog in misty and windy conditions with a choppy sea. Cliff Benson and Cristina are still on board diligently looking out for cetaceans as the survey vessel maps the sea bed (see Cliff's posting on 7 September below).
I suspect few sightings will be made in such conditions though over the weekend Cliff phoned to say that they had seen several Common Dolphins some way off St Govan's. Cliff & Cristina leave the Prince Madog late Wednesday at Swansea.
Click on the photo above for a gallery of shots taken between 3 - 6 September when I was on board the Prince Madog as it surveyed between Fishguard and the Bishops and Clerks off St David's. Sorry, lots off Sunsets and Sunrises - I couldn't resist them!